Weekend Game Shows on PC: The Walking Dead to Collect, Far Cry to try, and more

Humble Unveiled August Choice Package Update earlier this week, and there will be eight games ready if you choose to subscribe.

The titles available this time are Rise, Hot Wheels Launch, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Healthy Mind, Mind Scanners, Gas Station Simulator, Emily Away, And the Omni. They all arrive as Steam keys.

You will receive all 8 games if you lower the subscription price of $11.99, with 5% going to charity. You also get additional benefits like access to the DRM-free collection of games in the Humble Games Collection, and a Humble Store discount that’s steadily deepening.

Modest Walking Dead Promotion Package

As for the standard one-time packages, Humble has also appeared The Walking Dead 10th Anniversary Collection It features seven games and one DLC.

Starts strong with Telltale titles The Walking Dead season 1, that it 400 days DLC and The Walking Dead Season 2 For only $1. If you go into the middle price category, which is currently around $8, you’ll get it The Walking Dead New FrontiersAnd the MissionAnd the final season to complete the series.

Going to the ultimate level, the complete redesigned collection The Walking Dead: Telltale Definitive Series In addition to the VR . title The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Available for $11.

The fanatics also brought his new device Platinum Create your own package This week, titles like Shadow Tactics Choose Aiko, Morta Kids, Evil Within, Frost Punk, Lighter Moon and more. You can choose three games for $9.99, five games for $14.99, or seven games for $19.99.

Art Unsurpassed by Epic Games Logo

The Epic Games Store’s ongoing freebie train stops this week for donation unwrappedto replace last week Lawn Mowing Simulator.

This arcade party game is a four-player co-op experience with the group building railroad tracks while the train keeps rolling ahead. In the procedurally generated levels there are resources to harvest, bridges to build, mountains to dig through, and paths to be laid out at the same time.

unwrapped She will remain free to claim until next Thursday, August 11th, which is the date Cook, serve, delicious! 3 It will become a freebie on the Epic Games Store.

Free events

Far Cry 6 Home

Far Cry 6 The headline for free events this weekend, Ubisoft is giving the game a try during the weekend through August 7. The action game campaign is available during this period to play from start to finish and can also be played in a co-op mode.

On the PC, the file Far Cry 6 Free event It is played via Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store players.

great deals

The highlights for you this weekend include specials from the latest survival games festival, Evo fighting games, and more. Find our handpicked great deals below:

DRM-free quality

If you’re interested in DRM-free games, here are some highlights from all the games on sale on the GOG Store this weekend:

Keep in mind that availability and pricing for some deals may vary depending on the region you are in.

And that’s all our pick of PC game deals this weekend for everyone, and we hope some of you have enough restraint not to break the bank and add new games to our ever-growing backlog. Of course, a huge number of other deals are ready and waiting if you comb the interwebs hard enough, so keep your eyes open for those, and have a great weekend.

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