Top 5 Best Free Agents for 2022 Steelers: Pre-Season Edition

NFL Football is officially back, and Steelers Football is only days away! With that in mind, let’s take a look at the current free agent market and identify the available players that make the most sense for Steelers.

according to over the cover, the Steelers have an estimated $9,795,599 in salary cap space after signing Diontae Johnson, which is less than they need to reserve for signing the coaching staff and adding any cut-offs in the season, among other things. But there are still other ways to make room for those things as the season approaches. However, the Steelers have enough room to make a signature at a location that needs an upgrade. The question then lies, in what areas will the Steelers Wants to an address?

If we’re discussing depth, offensive handling should be at the top of the priority list. With only three notable treats on the current list, adding another vet to the mix would definitely be ideal. If we are discussing a prime number startHigh-caliber talent, the back corner makes the most sense, as the Steelers don’t currently have CB1 on the list. There are many other positions that could be improved by acquiring a free agent as well, but the five players below make the most sense for the Steelers based on the current free agent market and basic team needs or suits.

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Possibly the sexiest name on this list is King, a tall athlete who has proven that he can play at a high level when in good health. He always seems to be dealing with annoying injuries, but then again, there has to be him some The reason why a player of this caliber remained on the open market in August. At this point in the summer, King is likely to be looking for a one-year deal with hopes of a lucrative one in 2023.

His best statistical season was in 2019, when he scored 5 interceptions and 15 defensive passes. He’s missed at least five games in each of the past two years, but towards the end of last season he’s finally starting to play like the Kevin King we used to have earlier in his career. In fact, one could argue that he would be the best corner of the Steelers’ roster when he’s healthy, and I wouldn’t be able to disagree with such an assessment. It would be my day if Omar Khan pulled the trigger on these.

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers

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Haden was once excited to hit the open market and test the free agency for a legitimate first time in his NFL career, but after two seasons of slow decline, Haden hasn’t been able to garner much interest around the league. He’d likely come down on his price, and he’d likely accept an offer to return to Pittsburgh, even if that meant playing a backup role or a nickel as he was honest. opposing play in the past. If I’m asking for picks, I’ll bring it in as “ammunition” (a player in a backup role who’s a coach more than anything else; and yes, I’m coining that term as Andrew Wilbur’s “special” word”) on a deal of one or two years minimum. That’s the most logical for both parties.

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Alexander is one of several names the Steelers ceded to Artie Burns in 2016, but they could do themselves a favor by adding him as a free agent for six years. after, after This happen. Joe Haden would be more suited based on familiarity, but in the event he doesn’t want to come back on the cheap and play a different role, Alexander would be a great backup option. Alexander offers indoor/outdoor versatility, and while he won’t create many splash plays, he has proven his ability to attack effectively from the hatch. In a cheap bargain, it could give the Steelers another option in nickel.

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Many Steelers fans, myself included, had hoped that Skye Moore would be taken over by the Steelers on the second day of 2022 NFL DraftBut never fear, Stellar fan followers! We have found a consolation prize! Skai Moore may not be the explosive game maker Sky Moore will likely stay for years to come, but his track record in college proves he has the ability to create some great plays of his own.

Moore didn’t test as expected during the pre-draft process in 2018, but he is a talented cover-up player who fits the mold of Brian Flores. hybrid defender. Miles Jack and Damontay Kazee could see different roles as hybrid-type defenders too, but adding a low-stakes option like Moore would cement the Steelers’ depth in a position whose players struggle with injury fears from their past. Moore threw 14 interceptions during his four-year career in South Carolina, 7 of which were in the last two seasons. in In these last two seasons, Moore also scored 3 forced tackles, 14.5 tackles for a loss, and 4 sacks.

Here’s what his former coach, Will Muschamp, had to say, He said about Moore before the 2018 draft.

“The guy is very instinctive, very clever, clever, he’s going to play for a long time because he’s an athlete,” Mouschamp said back in December. “He can play everywhere, he can play in special teams because he’s a really good space player. In my year in the NFL, one of the many things I’ve learned is that players who have a long life in this league are smart.”

any free agent You are Want to see the Steelers sign? Among the players mentioned above, which one would be your favourite with the Steelers? Be sure to share your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below, and stay tuned with BTSC as we prepare you for another great season of Steelers football!