The Good and Not so Good from Day 9 of 49ers Training Camp: Trey Lance throws 6 pick and TD ticket

Santa Clara – Here’s who popped in on day nine of 49ers training camp. Keep in mind that Nick Bossa hasn’t trained.

The good

1. Free Safety Jimmy Ward

Tri-Lance intercepted (more on it in a minute). They were three and nine, Ward read Lance’s eyes, broke early in the corridor in the apartment, picked her up and put her back down. Ward also broke up two passes during the 1-on-1 drill – one while covering Jauan Jennings and one while covering Ray-Ray McCloud (more on it in a minute). Ward is the top player in an excellent high school at 49 seconds.

2. Quarterback Tree Lance

I bet you thought I’d put it in a not so good section, right? I almost did. But after throwing the 6 pick, he led the attack on the field in 80 seconds and threw a 15-yard touchdown pass with time to win by three points. He climbed into his pocket, bought time by rolling to the left, stopped, saw Ray-Ray McCloud open in the end zone and fired a beautiful touchdown pass across the field. So Lance was a claw and saved himself. In the final drive, Lance was close to perfect. First, he hit George Keitel for 17 yards. Then Lance threw a flat pass to JaMycal Hasty, knocking it down. Then Lance defended for 6 yards. Then Lance hit Deebo Samuel for 6 yards at 3 and 4. Then Lance defended for 7 yards. Then he hit Lance Keitel for 11 yards. Then he hit Lance Keitel for 3 yards. Then Lance threw the landing card to McCloud. Lance obviously needs to be more consistent, but he showed the potential to be an elite in that final drive. He finished training 11 to 19 with two drops.