Ten unforgettable moments of the mighty tiger Lou Whitaker

Finally, Lou Whitaker is about to get his flowers.

The former Detroit Tigers runner-up, also known as “Sweet Low,” will retire Saturday at Comerica Park before the Tigers play the Tampa Bay Rays.

Half of a midfield pair of “Tram and Lou” along with short Alan Trammell, Whitaker won the World Championship with the Tigers and put together a 19-year career close to Hall-of-Fame worthy without actually entering the Hall of Fame.

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Before Whitaker retires, let’s take a look at 10 of the most memorable moments in a Tiger costume.

1. MLB Debut With Trammell

September 9, 1977

The year is 1977. It’s been nine years since the Tigers last won a world championship, and five years since their last playoff appearance for Detroit. Tigers 67-74 heading into Game 142 at Boston Fenway Park with nothing to lose.