Franmel Reyes has been appointed to commission by the Guardians

Cleveland – Do you think all the confusion in the Guardian List has happened? Not so fast. The Guardians made a surprising announcement on Saturday afternoon, when they revealed that they had appointed a specific player/hitter. Franmil Reyes for commissioning. “I think we want to see our guys play, and that gives the opportunity maybe … Read more

Bryce Harper’s assignment at the broadcast booth in Phillies may point to the future

Bryce Harper looking towards Return of “September” to the Feliz Islands. That probably means anywhere from the last week of August to the first week of September. But the Velez didn’t put Harper on their 60-day hit list. If they had, it wouldn’t have activated until August 25th. So, they at least thought about the … Read more

Julio Urreas Becomes Dodgers Champion

Julio Urias wasn’t even an all-star this year. picture: AP The Dodgers have three stars at the start of their rotation this season, but their best arm wasn’t even part of the Midseason Classic. Clayton Kershaw, Toni Ginsulin, and Tyler Anderson (an injury substitute) were cast in L.A., but they aren’t the best – or … Read more