Steven Gerrard of Aston Villa praises fierce rival Frank Lampard before their first meeting

Aston Villa president Steven Gerrard hails ‘fierce rival’ Frank Lampard ahead of their first managerial encounter… The Everton boss also claims they were ‘analyzed differently’ due to their successful football career. Aston Villa manager Gerrard describes Frank Lampard as a ‘fierce rival’ Lampard, 44, says he and Gerrard are analyzed differently than other managers The … Read more

English Premier League team news, last player injury ahead of 2022-23 season

2022-23 Premier League The season kicks off tonight, but what is the state of both teams in the face of injuries after a grueling preparatory period? over here, the athlete Log in to each side’s treatment room to keep track of marginalized players and those struggling to be fit for the new campaign. Arsenal Emile … Read more