State Line Stars 13U make waves with the Golf Coast World Championship

Todd Seidlar has a different approach to building a travel baseball team – go to the local area.

It’s not a radical approach, said Seidlar, technical director of State Line Stars 13U. But it does stand out.

“The competition and the teams we’re playing against, some of which will get the kids to play,” Seidlar said. “They pull out hundreds of miles to have kids.”

Cedar, a resident of temperance, prefers what is in his backyard.

State Line Stars is built with children from southeastern Michigan and northwestern Ohio.

“We’re pulling out of a radius of about 35 miles,” Seidlar said. “We were set up in this local area. Most of them have been together for 3-4 years now.”

This did not harm the team’s ability to compete against the best.

Sedlar recently finished their summer travel season with a 48-7-1 score and their eighth championship title. The stars won the championship at the Perfect Game Gulf Coast World Series July 12-15 in Destin, Florida.

State Line Stars 13U players Nate Trunck, Brady Maxwell, Cashton Sedlar, Tre Eitniear and Landon Echelberry review their rings for winning a championship earlier this summer.  The Superstars won eight championships and finished the season 48-7-1 overall.

The State Line Stars won championships this summer in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, collecting eight championship rings and finishing second in a ninth place.

“We are a group of local boys making some waves on a national scale, making a name for ourselves,” Seidlar said. “The teams we compete against and how they run their organizations – what we did was very special in comparison.”