Speculation of ‘NASCAR Coverage’ as Hendrick Motorsports Reveals the Real Truth Behind Horrid Failure Kyle Larson

It’s hard to believe that someone like Kyle Larson, who has the talent, caliber, experience and score on the road courses he does, should lose control of his car and make a mistake that was a wreck with Ty Dillon during the cup race in Indianapolis. Certainly, there must be some kind of part or mechanical malfunction of the car.



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But this was not the case. Because Hendrick Motorsports confirmed that Larson’s #5 Camaro had no mechanical failure of any kind, which even rules out expected brake failure, throttle failure, or a stuck pedal.

In fact, the whole thing was attributable to the fault of the driver.

“Cale got into the braking area too deep and out of shape.” Hendrick Motorsports Tell Journalist Bob Bocras about the incident.

But NASCAR fans didn’t buy it because they smelled something bigger, something of a cover-up, something of a plot.

A NASCAR analyst also believes that Kyle Larson has experienced mechanical problems with his car

On an episode of FOX Sports’ NASCAR RaceHub, analyst Larry McReynolds described that from all his time in the sport, from what he’s seen, only two factors could have led to what happened between Kyle Larson and Ty Dillon.

“When I saw this, I went, ‘What in the world just happened?'” “Because in my experience, there are only two things that can cause it,” McReynolds said.


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“This is losing the brakes or stopping the throttle.”

CONCORD, NC – NOVEMBER 17: Hendrik Motorsports’ #24 driver Kyle Larson waits in the garage area during testing the next generation of the NASCAR Cup Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway on November 17, 2021 in Concord, North Carolina. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

So it remains to be seen what will happen to this situation over time.


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NASCAR will be racing in Michigan this weekend, and you can expect Hendrick Motorsports and Kyle Larson in particular to be bombarded with questions about the crash.

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