Smael Mondon generated a lot of noise at the inner-back

Georgia in the back Smile Mundon He missed a golden opportunity to shine this spring, as labral surgery delayed what could be his chance to earn a key role. Entering fall camp, all eyes turn to Mundon, where his head coach and teammates believe he can be a squad maker when all is said and done.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart Mondon paid tribute on Thursday as the Bulldogs prepared to start fall camp later in the day. Smart praised the former five-star recruit for what he brings to the field, although the sophomore still has room for improvement.

“Excited about the men we have on the inside,” the backer. I’ve been excited about these guys last year. They haven’t had the opportunity to show and show their talents because of the three men we have,” Smart said, referring to I’m a deanAnd the Kwai Walker And the Channing Tindall. “But Ismael Mundon is a good athlete as you have seen. He has to increase his physical strength and toughness. He missed the spring due to shoulder surgery. But he is gaining some good weight and solidity.”

Mundon was just a real rookie last season but he showed up at the opportunities he had.

Mondon played in all 15 games as a reserve in 2021 and finished the season with 12 tackles – including his best 4 against Charleston Southern – along with one sack. Mundon was seen as a prime candidate to step up in the spring to fill one of the roles vacated by the three Georgia players inside the drafted line-back in April, but surgery left him on the mend.

In the absence of Mundon, Jamon Dumas Johnson It appeared as a legitimate option to start indoors. Bulldogs relied on other options to beat the spring, which included Triesman MarshallAnd the Ryan DavisAnd the Xavian Suri And the gallon walker.

Although Mundon was unable to train with his teammates in March and April, several of them saw what he brought to the table.

Georgia safety Christopher Smith Mondon has been described as a typical indoor full-back and as a person within a midfield coach Glenn Schumann Likes. When describing Mundon’s game, veteran Smith credited him with being a physically gifted sidecar who is also intelligent, strong and able to understand Bulldog’s playbook.

While Smith said there wasn’t a single play that came to mind when it came to Mondon, he made it clear that Smart’s claim about Mondon sports is unfounded.

“I’ve just seen so many times, like, I’m going to run, and Smiley fly across my face and do a play,” Smith said. “[They’re] So consistent — Channing, Kwai, Nakobi, Jamon, all these guys can do these things.”

Mundon has shown flashes in the past of the type of linebacker a Bulldog can be, but he still has to prove himself on a consistent basis. This feeling was shared by defensive intervention Zion Logwho admitted that Mundon has no shortage of talent and is someone he wants to see more of.

He hasn’t been very active this spring, so I’m really ready to see what he can do this fall [far as] to be vocal – Being that guy who goes downhill, he fills in the gaps. “He could fall for coverage,” Logie said. “I’m ready to see what he can do.”