Rays Series Preview: The Worst Attack in Baseball

The Tampa Bay Rays have split two games low against the Toronto Blue Jays and will face the Detroit Tigers in a four-game series. Let’s hope to get more points from the rays in this series.

The Rays have a 1.0 game lead over the Cleveland Guardians, 1.5 games over the Baltimore Orioles, 2.0 games over the Chicago White Sox, and 3.0 games over the Boston Red Sox.

a program:

Thursday 7:10 pm: Jeffrey Springs x Drew Hutchison
Friday 7:10 PM: Cory Klopper vs. FUCK
Saturday 6:10 p.m.: Shane McClanahan vs. Garrett Hill
Sunday 1:40 pm: Drew Rasmussen vs Matt Manning

Drew Hutchison is a major league veteran who made his MLB debut in 2012. He was drafted from Lakeland High School in the 2009 draft by the Toronto Blue Jays. He has played for the Blue Jays, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers, and Detroit Tigers. He posted 4.53 ERA/4.33 FIP/5.04 xFIP during 49.2 runs in 2022. He doesn’t get much hit (strike rate 15.1%) and walks a lot (walk rate 11.3%). He runs with a speedball of 92.7 mph, four-stud and 85.8 mph as his base pitch. It will mix in a mostly 86.9 mph change against left-handed hitters.

The Friday spot was cleared by putting Tarik Skubal on the list of sufferers of arm fatigue.

Garrett Hill had a rough start to his major league career. In 26.0 rounds, he posted 5.88 ERA/5.66 FIP/5.94 xFIP. He only hit 9.8% of hitters while posting an identical walking rate. This is not a great formula for success. Over the past two seasons, he’s posted 30% in minors, so there might be some bullish strike there. He throws a fast ball at 91.4 mph in four stitches as his home field. It slides at 82.3 mph, curls 77.1 mph, and changes 82.0 mph as break and speed offerings. The four-ply fastball was crushed with .413 wOBA and .559 xwOBA suggests he might get lucky.

Matt Manning was the Tigers’ ninth overall pick in the 2016 MLB Draft. His MLB debut got off to a rough start with a 5.49 ERA/4.71 FIP/5.08 xFIP. He only managed a 14.2% strike rate and 8.5% walk rate. Manning throws a fastball at 93.0 mph four-seat, 82.7 mph slide, 78.7 mph curve ball, and 86.5 mph shift.

Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers attack is the worst in baseball.

The Tigers were so successful this winter that Javier Baez was signed to a six-year, $140 million contract and traded to Austin Meadows just before the start of the season. They upgraded their previous year’s number one pick Spencer Turkelson on opening day. There was some excitement, but it didn’t last long.

The Tigers hit .226/.285/.333 as a team and put together 76 wRC+. The lowest WRC+ in the league resulted in the fewest rounds recorded. The 340 points scored is almost 100 points less than Rays. They’ve combined for -1.1 fWAR and are the only team to post a negative total for position players.

Only three players made more than 0.2 fWAR:

  • Jonathan Schoop (1.1 fWAR) leads the way with 55 wRC+ but exceptional defense.
  • Javier Baez (1.0 fWAR) has 80 wRC+ with passive defense at short point (-3 DRS, -6.0 UZR).
  • Eric Haas is the third player to score a half-win with 97 balls per minute +.

The only player to have appeared in more than 11 matches to break the 100 wRC+ mark is Harold Castro at 103 wRC+. Meanwhile, Austin Meadows has had a tough year dealing with vertigo. He has only managed to appear in 147 matches and 99 wRC+ and is officially on the injured list currently due to a strained Achilles. The biggest surprise is that he still has as many reptiles this year as me (0).

Spencer Torkelson (68 wRC+) has had a really tough transition to the bigs. Miguel Cabrera (88 wRC+) has reached the end of the streak as a key player in the league. It’s a tough time to be a tiger fan.