Notre Dame HC Marcus Freeman August 5 press conference

The head coach’s first fall camp press conference often includes news, confirmation or denial of summer rumors, injury updates, battle situation questions, and other elements of housekeeping after months of being away from reporters. Marcus Freeman She covered all those bases on Friday after Notre Dame finished its two-hour workout.

offensive line student Joey Tanuna she has medically retiredFreeman said. wide future Joe Wilkins Jr. (Lisfranc) and narrow end Mitchell Evans (stress fracture) He will miss the season opener in Ohio. Garrett Patterson He’s already gone from position to keeper. He wants to act urgently in naming either of them Tyler Buchner or Drew Ben The starting quarterback. And much more.

Here are some of the topics he covered.

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At the Notre Dame Quarterback Race

“As fast as we can. I love the competition aspect of it. Competition helps people grow. But once we’re ready to name our starting quarterback, we’ll do it. We don’t wait for certain times or days. We just need to make sure we’re ready.”

On first impressions of June registrants

“I wish I could give you a better feel for these guys. We saw them a little bit in June and in the weight room. There are some guys who did some good things. Today, [wide receiver Tobias] Merriweather has emerged. The depth in that room is not very long, so he is in a position where he will have to go up early. If he is willing to help us, he will play. Looking deeper into the room, I saw him getting a lot more chances than some of these other guys. He’s tall, he can run, I’ve heard nothing but great things from summer with what he’s done.”

Opening of the Notre Dame boot camp for work, take a look at the schedule for the first day

On Garrett Patterson moving to guard

“Now we feel that playing as a goalkeeper gives our offensive line the best chance of success. You have to look at that unit as all five pieces, not the individual pieces. Being J-Patt on guard gives those five guys up front the best chance of success.”

About playing the season opener at his alma mater in Ohio

“I know what it feels like to be in the locker room and on this side of the field. This is about Notre Dame football. I know some of the headlines will come back to my alma mater. But my focus is football for Notre Dame and preparing this team. When we get to September 3rd Ohio happens to be the opponent.

“The great thing is that he is a great opponent. You have to challenge yourself and see where we are as a team when you face an opponent like that. But that has nothing to do with me coming back to play Ohio State.”

In groups of privileged positions

“Man, I love being around our O-Line. I do. I say it all the time, we’re a program that is driven by O-Line and D-Line. These guys are working and being pushed and they keep responding to challenges. I love being around and I love the culture in that room , the atmosphere.

“As much as I can spend with O-Line and D-Line, I will. These guys are going to really drive our culture and program.”

Right back Marist Levaux

“He is a guy with high mobility and high energy. He plays the game quickly. He steps into the field and just loves to compete. That’s what you love about him most. We need competitors. Marist is the ultimate competitor. He plays the game with passion.”

About what you learned as a head coach

“The same things that make you a successful coach and a successful coordinator are the same things that make you a successful head coach. It’s still about hard work. It’s still about preparing and using those great minds around you. I’ve always done that. That’s what I learned. I thought maybe when you become Head coach, you change who you are. But it’s the same things that have helped me advance in this career and the same things that I hope will help me become a successful head coach.”

On players or sudden situations

Jaden Mickey He did a really good job in the spring. It is an energy provider. These self-confident guys save energy. Brandon Joseph, same thing.

“Offensive line, I will continue to refer to these guys. [Center] Zeke CorelAnd, because of the spring he had and what he showed, we felt the way to have a top five offensive lineman on the field was to move J-Patt on guard. He showed us a lot about him in the spring.”