Notes from Virginia Tech Football Fall Camp Practice #4

Tyler Bowen and Hockey takes four days to fall camp. (Sports Photography at Virginia Tech)

Virginia Tech Football had its fourth fall camp workout on Friday, and the second open to the media. Here are some notes from training and notes from speaking with three people on the show: offensive coordinator and tight ends coach Tyler Bowen, tight end Conor Plumrick and back Malachi Thomas.

The ACC’s road football trip also took off through Blacksburg on Friday and the media had a chance to speak with Mark Packer, Kelsey Riggs and former Virginia Tech Eddie Royal.

The heights and weights were also officially updated on Friday afternoon. Chris Coleman will have a story on the subject early next week for subscribers.

Practice notes

Unlike open practice on Wednesday, there were a few moments on Friday where the media had a chance to get an offensive look at the depth chart.

First team: Grant Wells (QB), Galen Holston (RB) Caleb Smith (WR), Dwayne Lofton (WR), Nick Gallo (TE), Drake de Iulis (TE), Silas Dzanci (LT), Jesse Hanson (LG), Johnny Jordan (centre), Caden Moore (RG), Parker Clements (RT).

Second team: Jason Brown (QB), Kishon King (RB), Jadan Bleu (WR), Tucker Holloway (WR), Stephen Gosnell (WR), Ty Eller (TE), Xavier Chaplin (LT), Braelin Moore (LG), Jack Holyfield (C), Danijel Miletic (RG), Bob Schick (RT).

Third team: Devin Farrell (QB), Malachi Thomas (RB), Luke Bussell (WR), Tink Boyd (WR), Christian Moss (WR), Harrison Saint-Germain (TE), Chris Boyd (LT), Tyler Smedley (LG), Nikolai Bojnovsky (centre), Brody Meadows (RG), Johnny Jarrett (RT).

(Editor’s note: Who’s the first string and who’s not can vary depending on the formation. You see, when David was watching the first team attack he would go with a 2-TE and 2-WR group. The second team and the third teams played plays with three wide receivers. And one end is narrow, so take the depth chart with a grain of salt at this point).

Defensively, the key four up front were Jaylene Griffin, Norell Pollard, Mario Kendricks and Tewan Garbutt.

Pick up where they left off

When fall camp began, Tyler Bowen wanted his assault unit to pick up where it left off in the spring. A lot of time and effort was put into installing the rules of the game and locating players, which paid off with four practices in August.

Bowen feels there has been a good retention rate with all the knowledge that has been absorbed in the past few months, which reflects what Brent Berry said on Wednesday. This has helped the development of the players thus far, and the growth has been evident.

“We talked about the double positive and that starts with protecting football, creating explosive plays,” Bowen told the media after Friday’s session. “Execution, alignment, commissioning, technique and then playing with tireless effort. We saw improvement in all three of these areas during the first four days.

“We were able to get the majority of the install because of what we were able to do in summer, spring, winter and different things. I feel good about our place there, and now we are continuing to develop the whole collection.”

Conor Bloomerick

Graduation student from Berland, Texas is listed as “QB/ATH” on Virginia Tech existingAnd for good reason.

In the spring, Bloomerick made the transition from quarterback to a more useful player because of what he brings to the table. He spent parts of the fourth workout with narrow ends and wide receivers, enjoying the move.

Bowen said Blumrick has a unique skill set, and it’s fun to see how to make use of him in different groups and groups of people.

“I want to be involved in as many plays as a coach can play,” Bloomerick said. “I want to be involved in the running game, the scrolling game, everything I can do to help.”

The ban was the toughest quarterback adjustment to the tight end, especially when midfielders like Dax Holyfield run at full speed. But he’s gained some weight — he’s currently 222, seven pounds more than last season — and his hands have improved.

Bowen said he was pleasantly surprised by Plumerick’s passes, not noticing any errors in his hands. He also said that Bloomerick looks different physically than he did in the middle.

“I’ve always felt that the midfielders have the best hands in the team,” Blumrick said. “I feel like I’m coming from a centre-back, it’s kind of normal.”

back running room

Malachi Thomas, a sophomore from Hartwell, Ga. , is one of the favorites in the center back this season. He’s received praise from both Pry and running coach Stu Holt, but the staff are quick to not pick a clear leader.

“It’s a good group at the top between him and Galen [Holston]Bowen said, “Then other men come, whether they are Kishon [King] or chance [Black] or press [Duke]. kenji [Christian]He does some good things. I was impressed with the whole group.

Keshawn King (23) and Bryce Duke (22) are two linebackers in the six-man room. (Sports Photography at Virginia Tech)

“I still think we have to figure out how that happens, but I’d say Malachi and Holston are on top, and a lot of the players have really progressed over the summer.”

Thomas said he currently weighs 203, the most he’s ever played, and feels good about his place in camp so far. He played last season at the age of 197, and he can tell the difference so far.

Whenever I feel connected, I will be able to stand up and not go downhill,” Thomas said.

He described the King as “blazing fast” and the Duke as a “firecracker”. King’s speed is unbeatable in the open field, while Duke learns the ropes but understands that it’s all about business.

Quotes from ACC Network staff

Eddie Royal played an extensive role on the Hokies receiver from 2004-2007, and said the energy surrounding the show had been missing for a few years.

He had the honor of speaking to the team on Thursday

“It all hit me in one second,” said Royal. “To think about the playing times and all my teammates and everything, it was like a rush of emotion. And then it was like, ‘You have to get that message across.'”

“I tried to express the hard work it takes to be good. Like, it didn’t happen overnight, and there is a lot going on. You have to love your teammates, you have to fight them during the week and then on Saturdays, you fight someone else and cuddle in The end of it. It’s all like a fight, but you have to stay together all the time.”

Royal said communication from new employees to former Virginia Tech players was 180 complete. They pooled Zoom calls, and Pry had been trying to invite alumni to visit since the second time he was hired.

“He did a great job at it,” said Royal. “There is nothing else he can do in the field. … It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a starter for four years or you haven’t started at all, he wants you back and welcomes you with open arms.”

The ACC Network crew has been on the road for a week now, and Packer said he was surprised by the level of intensity in Tech’s training Thursday compared to the rest of the league.

“It can feel different,” Packer said. “You can close your eyes and recognize, ‘Man, it’s hard to believe this is only the third practice. “

“For this to be only the third practice on Thursday, I was really surprised by the level of intensity, which I think is great because when I think about the Virginia Tech football team, I think about physical strength, let’s slide and in the dirt and go and hit someone.”