Noah Syndergaard wins Phillies debut at rain shortening start

Philadelphia — Noah Sendergaard won his Phillies debut despite giving up four runs, and Alec Bohm notched a three-stroke home run as Philadelphia won a shorter-than-five-game 5-4 over the Washington Nationals Thursday night.

Rhys Hoskins deepened too, helping secure Syndergaard’s (6-8) win two days after being acquired from the Los Angeles Angels.

“I am very happy and blessed to be at this club,” said Sendergaard. “The characters look amazing at this club. I just want to do my part.”

The Phillies started playing half a game ahead of St. Louis in last place in the tournament. They have won seven of nine against Washington this season.

Luke Voit and Yadiel Hernandez scored twice for the Nationals, who dropped to their worst MLB 36-71 while playing their third game since basketball star Juan Soto. The 2019 World Championship champions lost six of eight.

“Boomed,” said Dave Martinez, director of Nationals. “We had some good positive energy to go in there. We were swinging the bat really well. But you can’t do anything about Mother Nature.”

Noah Sendergaard won his Phillies debut despite giving up four runs in his short five-way win over the Nationals.
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Phillies Who cut ex-Yankee Diddy Gregorios Earlier in the day, Jean Segura returned the second base captain of the 60 Days IL pre-competition. Segura missed 54 games with a broken right index finger.

Philadelphia is also looking to restore 2021 NL MVP Bryce Harper, who had staples removed from his broken left thumb on Monday and is expected to return before the end of the regular season. He said before the game that Harper lifts his shirt and hopes to return in September. He spent Thursday cheering his teammates from the broadcast booth, as he made a comment.

Harper liked what he saw early in the competition from the Philadelphia attack.

Hoskins reached out to his 21st team of the season in his first game against Paulo Espino (0-4), and Velez scored four games in the third round to jump to a 5-2 lead. Newly acquired quarterback Brandon Marsh opened the frame with the first of four consecutive strokes, one to the left.

Kyle followed Schwarber with one song before Hoskins drove home Marsh with another. Bohm, who Harper was talking about in the booth to improve his defense and steady attack, delivered the big hit with a three-stroke shot to the left.

“That’s what this crime could do,” Hoskins said.

Syndergaard hit two and didn’t walk more than five runs. His 11 allowed hits were one shy of his career worst.

“Once I settled down, I was able to carry out my bids,” he said. “It feels really good to win.”

Noah Sendergaard
Noah Sendergaard
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After Syndergaard left in the fifth inning, the match was interrupted due to rain. He was called after a delay of 2 hours and 6 minutes.

The Nationals withdrew within 5-4 with two rounds in the fifth. After consecutive singles to open the frame, César Hernández’s RBI single topped the first round. With the bases loaded, he scored another run on unruly ground. Nick Castellanos prevented further damage with a powerful shot from the right field into the board to lead Hernandez into a 9-2 double play.

“At that moment, it was huge,” said Sendergaard. “It turned out to be bigger than it was.”

“We took a bullet in there, but the shot was right on the money,” Martinez said.

Voit put the Nationals 1-0 up with an RBI debut in his first game after joining Washington as part of the San Diego Padres return package for Soto and first man Josh Bell.

Espino gave up five runs at seven strokes in four by three strokes and didn’t walk.

Syndergaard hit a 777 in 718 runs, including 218 fannings during the 2016 All-Star season, during six seasons with the New York Mets.

But several injuries, including Tommy John’s surgery in 2020, have taken some power out of his arm.

From the competition’s first pitch, a raucous squawk ball to the level of a press box by Victor Robles, the Citizens made contact with several hard-hit balls—both hits and smashes against the 6-foot-6, 230-pound right-handers. Through 85 runs this season, he has 66 strikes for the Angels and the Phillies.