How Yankees Trade for Frankie Montas, Scott Efros Affects World Racing Championship | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

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The New York Yankees had their sights set on Monday, and they delivered multiple moves.

First, New York announce Relief pitcher Scott Evros has landed a deal with the Chicago Cubs. Cubs bowler Hayden Wisinski received in the deal, and he’s already eighth on the rebuilding team’s prospects list on Categories.

Jack Carrey YES Network then reported that the Oakland Athletics had traded bowler Frankie Montas and relief pitcher Lou Trevino to the Yankees in exchange for junior league pitchers JB Sears, Kane Waldecock, Louis Medina and second baseman Cooper Bowman.

While the Montas is the headliner, Effross is an underestimated addition that will be a major factor as the Yankees strive for their first World Championship title since 2009.

His sidearm delivery baffled hitters on their way to a 2.66 ERA, 2.19 FIP and 10.23 hits in nine innings, per Fangraves. What is more, baseball world Opposing hitters are noted to have a 3.4 barrel hit and a 35.0 percent chase rate when facing right-handed.

If there’s one concern with Evros, it’s the fact that he hasn’t gotten involved in stressful situations. Both 2021 and 2022 were the Cubs apart from contenders, a different environment than Yankee Stadium will be in October.

However, the Bulls needed some depth with Michael King and Chad Green losing this season and Aroldis Chapman struggling en route to a 5.01 ERA this year. The addition of Effross and Trivino, who struggled with 6.47 ERA but only had 3.18 ERA last year, will help New York shorten the games and reach Clay Holmes.

There aren’t many weaknesses for the 69-34 Yankees, and these moves help ensure that the bulls’ depth won’t be. This only enhances the team’s chances of a world championship, especially if the starting rotation can lock in the early innings.

That initial spin got a lot better with the addition of Montas, and Domingo Germain could eventually head into the bull arena as well to make way for the right-handed to join a squad that includes Gerrit Cole, Jameson Tellon, Nestor Curtis and Jordan Montgomery.

Another one may eventually head to the center of the Bulls if and when Luis Severino returns from the injured list.

It’s all about October for New York at this point, and the cliché that one can’t have much of a promotion is there for a reason.

Severino’s health is a question mark until he returns, and some other starters could take on crucial middle roles during qualifying over the course of a series. It might not be needed, though, if Cole and Montas reach their potential as a one-to-two lock-up that could dictate a streak by starting three or four matches per round.

Montas has had 3.18 ERA, 1.13 WHIP and 109 strikes in 104.2 innings this season and is arguably the best start available before the deadline outside of Luis Castillo.

The Seattle Mariners Castillo are relegated from the Reds, so the New York counter will also help him line up with a fellow MLS opponent if he faces them in the post-season.

Few teams in baseball can match the combination of Cole and Montas, which, when paired with the Yankees’ strong lineup, makes them even more of a threat to winning the World Series. It may only take a few times Aaron Judge, Anthony Rizzo, Giancarlo Stanton & Co. to win anytime they start.

Throw in Evros to provide an answer to potential questions about depth for the Bulls ahead of Holmes, and there’s little reason to doubt the Bronx Boomers’ chances of exploiting their stellar regular season in the Championship.