How to keep your kids busy while working from home

Working from home can be a balance between your work and your personal life – especially if you have children. If your children are young children, you should rely on partners, family, or child care providers to keep them away from your Zoom sessions. If they are of school age, you may have some time for yourself and your work during school hours – until the school day is over.

Here are some of the games, videos, and ideas some of our employees created with kids to help keep things more complex while you finish your workday.

Keep the kids busy

Marbrass acrylic pen holder.
Photo: Marbrasse

Esther Cohen, Associate Director of Audience Development for the edgehe says, “I got one of my rotating desk organizer items and filled it with crayons, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue, etc. After I was done. I hung everything on the empty dining room table. The kids were coming home, taking a shower, and without me urging them to That, they are drawn to because it is designed for them and with ease. This usually keeps them occupied for an hour.”

This clear plastic organizer rotates 360 degrees and can hold pens, pencils, crayons, and all kinds of other things.

For three years and over


Photo: Tonys

Emma Meirlis, senior director of newsroom analytics at Vox Media, is considering investing in Toniebox. This show-free audio player will tell stories and sing songs to your children when they place one of dozens of different characters – cartoon characters, fairy-tale princesses, and favorite heroes from books – over the child’s speaker. It is a good idea to keep your child occupied without keeping them glued to the screen.

A box without a screen tells stories, sings songs and entertains a preschool group with the help of figurines.

For ages 4 to 10 years


Photo: concrete play

Jory Ruscio, who was an engineering director at Vox and is now the chief data platform engineer at Better, said, “We are very impressed with Osmo games for additional preschoolers. Playing Osmo is a much loved activity for my three children. The physical pieces allow for a more interactive and tactile experience. The games are entertaining. And educational.From exploring physics and programming to making pizza and calculating change, kids keep hours busy.

This innovative device allows you to place your tablet in the base so that your children can combine innovative learning toys and physical toy pieces.

Education and entertainment on the screen

For ages from two to eight years Early Learning Academy Early Learning Academy.
Image: the age of learning

Abigail Aronofsky, Vox Media’s executive director of corporate marketing, mentioned two years ago that they “boarded the ABCmouse train” for their five-year-old, and it was surprisingly cool. “The graphics are 2002, but she kept her entertained for an hour a day.”

A library of activities for children from the age of two to eight that operates with an annual subscription.

For children of pre-school age and above


Photo: BBC Studios & ABC

When a parent on Vox Media praised the Disney Plus show bluish, many others participated in offering the approbation. This show is about a family of dogs living in Australia: a mother, a father and a four- and six-year-old child. According to Nathan Edwards, Senior Review Editor at the edgeOne of the reasons the show is so popular is that kids love it and it’s fun for parents too. “bluish It’s the number one solution we currently have,” adds Christopher Grant, the group’s publisher the edge And the ribbed. “Bless you, Blueie.”

for preschoolers

Daniel Tiger neighborhood

Daniel Tiger neighborhood.
Photo: TV Show

Another parent favorite (suggested by Nicholas Wise, Vox Media Engineering Director) is Daniel Tiger neighborhooda modern branch of Galilee Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. The animated series revolves around Daniel Tiger, who lives in the Make Believe neighborhood along with his parents, friends, guardians, and uses strategy songs Small dats that explore different feelings and experiences – to help children learn and develop.

For ages 6 to 12 years

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro.
Image: Amazon

Dan Seifert, Deputy Editor-in-Chief the edgereports, “On paper, there are a lot of things that make Kids Edition Fire tablets attractive to parents. They all come with a huge rubber case that makes them easy to grip and hard to break. If your child breaks them, Amazon provides two years of worry-free protection. Each device comes Kids Edition tablet with a subscription to Amazon Kids Plus, which allows parents to control what content is available on it and set time limits for how long children can use the tablet each day.”

“In practical terms, tablets are objectively awful. The interface is baffling, the performance is slow and sluggish, and the battery life leaves a lot to be desired. All of these things matter to me, as a professional product reviewer, but for my kids, the Fire tablets we got after a couple of days are their games.” Favorites They use them to play games and watch SpongeBob SquarePantsAnd maybe read a book once in a while.”

Amazon’s Fire tablet is specifically designed for kids ages 6 to 12.

for adults

Rug pads to make the neighbors happy

RugpadUSA Protective Mat Pad

RugpadUSA Protective Mat Pad.
Photo: RugpadUSA

Amelia Holowaty Krales, Photo Editor at the edge, he suggested (at least for her) that it might be a good idea to ask for “the thickest rug pads available so my downstairs neighbors don’t kill me because the kids are running courses.” I have a good friend in the position just right, and while he loves the kids upstairs, he sometimes wishes they’d run their courses a little later in the morning.

Thick rug pads protect floors from damage and muffle the sound of little feet. (The price listed is for an 8″ x 10 1/2″ thick pillow; other sizes are available.)

time management tools

The redundant pile includes review devices, sensors, and the Echo Show 8.

Time management tools – software or laptops – can help control clutter at work and at home.
Photo by Dan Seifert/The Verge

Brock Lipner, Vice President of Customer Services at Vox Media, would be very grateful to “manage the calendar to handle whatever life throws at you — school stuff, work stuff, sports stuff, family stuff, sleeping stuff.” Unfortunately, while there is no single regulator that works for everyone, we can at least provide some help the edgeFavorite tools to stay organized.