Get ready for the return of the Premier League, plus what’s next for Britney Grenier?

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Premier League fans

Rejoice, football fans: The return of the English Premier League! Arsenal Hits Crystal Palace this afternoon To start things off, then all 18 other teams open their seasons this weekend.

In case you missed this summer, The rich got richer as reigning champions Manchester added Erling Haaland From Borussia Dortmund. Haaland, the third top scorer in the Bundesliga last year, is a big reason why our football expert Roger Gonzalez City has been called up.”The clear favorites to win the league in Preview of all 20 teams.

But that means There is a lot of pressure on Haalandtoo, notes soccer reporter James Ping in Offered for the Manchester City season.

  • useful: Haaland scored 115 goals in 116 matches for him Red Bull Salzburg And the Borussia Dortmund. …he just might be one of the best early streaks in his career. Only the best and best attackers can be counted on to regularly outperform their predicted targets (xG) to some extent but not at Haaland’s level. …this is the team that attracts close shots in line with the goal more than anyone else. …Haaland’s beautiful spot is the city and vice versa.”

Our team of football experts did a great job previewing other top teams, including…

We also have Expert Choices For the title winners, top four, last four, and individual prizes.

we will own Live analysis over the weekend — and the Ligue 1 starts this weekend too – So make sure to Stay tuned for our football coverage to go forward.

little honor

This is not a good morning for…

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Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers It is very likely that they will cruise to another NL West title because they have the best record in MLB. The only thing is he did not do The need was to injure one of their stars. Clayton Kershaw Out of the beginning against the giants after, after Suffering from back pain While throwing warm-up pitches in the fifth inning.

This is disturbing to Couple of reasons, notes our MLB expert Mike Axisa. First, it is Far from the first Kershaw edition.

  • Axis: β€œHe missed 41 days with backache in 2014, 74 days with disc herniation in 2016 and 39 days with back strain in 2017. Kershaw also spent short stints on the list of sufferers with back problems in 2018 and 2020. The flexor injury cost him a lot from the second half and post-season, and he wasted time with a groin injury earlier this year.”

The 34-year-old kicker has been fantastic this season with a 2.64 pm and 0.98 whip, both top 10 scores in NL (minimum 80 IP). Any prolonged absence would be a severe blow to the Dodgers, whose turnover is starting to look a bit weak.

  • 1. RHP Walker Buhler (He’s been out since June 10 with a forearm injury, and could be back in September)
  • 2. LHP Clayton Kershaw (I left early Thursday with an injury)
  • 3. LHP Julius Urea
  • 4. RHP Tony Johnslin (23 1/3 innings away from his previous career high)
  • 5. LHP Tyler Anderson
  • 6. LHP Andrew Heaney (Healthy now, but limited to five starting with shoulder problems so far this year)
  • 7. RHP Ryan Baby (9 2/3 innings away from his previous career high)

It does not mention the honorable

Britney Greiner sentenced to 9 years in prison in Russia

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Phoenix Mercury star Britney Greiner He was convicted of drug smuggling and possession of cannabis in Russia And the He was sentenced to 9 years in prison. She was also fined 1,000,000 Russian rubles (just over $16,000).

  • As part of the President’s statement Joe Biden said the sentence “A more reminder of what the world already knows: Russia unjustly holds Britney”.

Was Greiner Arrested in February Allegedly carrying a concentration of marijuana in her luggage. She has been in detention ever since and recently pleaded guilty. Wednesday, during closing arguments for her trial, Greiner said she “never intended to break any law.”

This is far from the end of Greiner’s story. In late July, the United States Reportedly offered a prisoner swap This would free Griner and the company’s director of security Paul Whelan Convicted Russian arms smuggler Victor Pot. While the WNBA star has now been officially sentenced, a prisoner exchange is still a possibility.

College football season preview: 22 questions for 2022 🏈

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We’re fast approaching the 2022 college football season, and boy, it’s been an off season. From the transfer portal frenzy to NIL deals to reorganization on the horizon, we have plenty of storylines to get through. This is where Dennis Dodd, our college football player, as examined in his book, can help 22 compelling stories that will dominate 2022.

Let’s start with the largest one: Who will play the college football game? Dodd says the usual suspect Alabama As well as the title holder Georgia Both of them will be there… but What about the other two teams?

  • Worms: Ohio State: Ryan Day has his best team since the strong 2019 championship that Clemson upset in the CFP semi-finals. Today it’s 28-3 since then with one Big Ten loss to his name. So yeah. If defense gathers under new coordinator Jim Knowles, beware. Utah: Kyle Whittingham reached the peak of his career entering Year 18. Utes has the physical ability to match anyone and the ability to move forward unbeaten. They opened the 2022 season at No. 4 in 131- Nada. “

But before we get to the end of the season, we have to start from the beginning, and as Dennis notes, this The first week is fully loaded.

  • Cincinnati in Arkansas
  • Oregon vs Georgia
  • Utah in Florida
  • Notre Dame in Ohio
  • Florida vs LSU
  • Clemson vs Georgia Tech

All 22 of these storylines Add another layer of excitement to the season, and guess what? We are now 22 days from the start. Let’s go!

What teams haven’t done enough on the trade deadline? ⚾

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There was a lot of movement in the MLB trade deadline: Our Trade Tracker It was incredibly busy all day. But Not everyone participated in the event as much as they should. Of course not every team can be Declare the “winner” by the deadlineAnd there were a few teams who didn’t do what they needed to.

Who stands out among that disappointing group? This is the question MLB experts answered in a file Round table “swiping around” This week, our Matt Snyder says one of the best teams in the league has left his fans wanting more.

  • to cheat: “I’ll go with mets. … they could have been more aggressive in cementing the bridge closer Edwin Diaz With a larger number of setup men Michael Givens – whose Mets debut was a disaster – and the catcher is still a big question mark during the All-Star Wilson Contreras Not even traded. …the Mets haven’t won a World Championship since 1986 and they have a bunch of talent they can make again. Why they didn’t do their best to upload the list before the deadline is beyond my understanding. “

While the Mets were the best team on this list, the AL Central team didn’t perform well either.

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