Fate season 2 of The Haunted didn’t work

We’re a few weeks away from Destiny 2’s Season 18 debut, and since we literally have no clue to get out of it with Bungie saving everything on the August 23 show, I thought I’d just think last season Instead today.

The season of Haunted has ended up being a highly disrespected one, I would say, in the grand scope of all Destiny seasons thus far. Definitely on the bottom half, if not on the bottom half, or less, depending on who you ask. It’s weird, considering Bungie looked like that truly He inflated it ahead of time, and the secrecy surrounding it made it sound like something that would astound us. But that’s not exactly what happened.

One of the issues is that the good things that were part of this season weren’t… technically part of this season. This would be something like Duality, where although it fits thematically with the season (and practically shares a loot set via two Opulence weapons), it’s part of a separately sold dungeon pack. And while I loved Solar 3.0, this is a permanent sandbox change, not something exclusive to Haunted.

This leaves out the actual content of the season, and I’m relieved to elaborate on what I believe is the main issue at the root of the issue with Season of the Haunted: Nightmare Containment.

There are many problems with containing the nightmare, and it is not necessarily a bad vacuum activity, but the season depends on it So Severely it in every aspect overshadowed everything.

Leviathan is back as a patrol space, which was great, however the nightmare containment only takes place within one region, the Castelom, and even as it “rotates” from week to week, the only thing that actually changes is the last boss, not even the your location from the final boss. Compare that to Battlegrounds or Override missions which have 3-4 versions that take place in different locations. Here, it was only Castellum, Castellum, Castellum, with little difference.

In theory, you could create a certain level of gear for doing Sever missions that at least took you to different parts of Leviathan, but in order to do that, you needed to get an item from…Nightmare Containment, a binding core, in order to run to be worthy Interested. It was a very rare drop.

After that, there were frustrations about the loot itself, in terms of the fact that Opulence’s weapons didn’t fall directly from the Nightmare Containment, Sever, or enemies on Leviathan. Although the main way to get the keys is to find them in chests it still hits the containment of three easy chests. These were some of the most sought-after weapons of the season, yet the process of acquiring them was very difficult.

The pattern milled here in Season 2 of Crafting was also missing, as you had to grind endlessly for red frames in the containment, and five patterns per weapon proved too much. This also showed that something had gone very wrong with this season’s economic planning, as the HELM upgrades had an entire row dedicated to a coin they’d never lacked, but the actual focus coin for drops and red frame hunting required again, a ridiculous amount of containment nightmare Agriculture.

Everything was leading players to constantly contain Nightmare, and the activity itself wasn’t varied enough with its fixed position and barely different boss rotation. I guess admittedly that most seasonal activities will probably end up feeling a little repetitive eventually, but Nightmare Containment seemed like a new level of that, kind of making the whole Leviathan comeback pointless.

There are definitely things I loved about the season itself. I like most new weapons, including anything with incandescent. All the lore and storytelling through the Sever missions and even the containment dialogue was very good, some of Destiny’s best. But in terms of gameplay, containment was the issue, and I hope we don’t have a similar issue with activity in Season 18, whatever it may be.

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