Dovizioso explains his decision to retire before the MotoGP season ends

The Thursday before this weekend’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Yamaha and RNF . Race It was announced that Dovizioso would be retiring from MotoGP in the time of three races.

The 15-time MotoGP race winner has struggled hard since moving to Yamaha late last year after a brief sabbatical at the end of his Ducati stint at the conclusion of the 2020 campaign.

Dovizioso is not enjoying his race, and feels it best to stop now and say goodbye on his own terms in his home race in Misano at the beginning of September.

“I want to thank Yamaha and the team, because they have given me such a great support and understanding,” he said Thursday night at Silverstone. “This has been very important to me.

“I was comfortable talking to them about my situation. It was a difficult decision because after 20 years it is always difficult to make that kind of decision. But it’s okay, I’m comfortable and it’s time to make the decision.

“When you’re a racer, during practice, and racing, and you’re not where you want to be, your brain starts to think things through and you realize it’s the right moment. So, that’s why I made the decision.

“As I say now, I mean it’s not very nice when you as a racer think a lot about these things. He doesn’t just focus on racing. When you don’t feel competitive, you start to think a lot about that.

“I had this feeling to make that decision and with that feeling I started thinking that Misano would be the right race, the final race, the last home race I would do and finish with a party, with big smiles from everyone, with my friends and all the fans.”

Andrea Dovizioso, RNF MotoGP Racing

Photo by: Gold and Goose / motorsports pictures

Dovizioso’s motorcycle career began in 2002 in the 125cc class, where he was world champion in 2004 before advancing to 250secs in 2005 and MotoGP in 2008 with Honda.

Riding Honda, Yamaha and Ducati machines during his stellar tenure, and Dovizioso’s return to Yamaha — after riding the bike in 2012 with Tech3 — has him struggling to adapt his riding style to the M1.

Dovizioso admits from his first session on the M1 last year in Misano, that he recognized that the characteristics of the bike conflict with his riding style and feels he tried “probably too many things” to be competitive.

“Well, right from the start when I jumped on the bike, at first you could feel exactly the base of the bike,” he added. “And immediately I was a little surprised by the fist. I always say that.

“I think that was the biggest advantage that I really fought for. My way to ride Yamaha was not the best way to use the potential of the bike, because Fabio is showing every race the potential to compete and fight for the title with this bike.

“I worked a lot with the team, with Ramon [Forcada, crew chief]Yamaha is trying a lot of things – probably many things. But I don’t think that’s the point, because when we changed big things it didn’t affect that much.

“He just confirmed that the match between my riding style, my way of approaching the tracks and Yamaha’s characteristics didn’t match up in the right way.”

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