Donovan Mitchell, Patrick Beverly, Bojan Bogdanovic

Wendell Cruz USA Today Sports

Overcooked: Some wondered if the Knicks could transfer a contract like Evan Fournier in probable Donovan Mitchell Trade package because Danny Eng He was traded for him with the Boston Celtics, but I’d like to remind everyone that it was a very different situation where Utah would go into a rebuilding state and have less desire to make long-term paychecks to people like Fournier and Julius Randle. Instead, I see someone like Derek rosewho deserves 14.5 million dollars This season and he has the team option for next season, being the most attractive to Utah. The Knicks will also be willing to trade Cam Reddish. Then, on the Utah side, you have a trio of young Knicks who can appeal Obi TobinAnd the Emmanuel Quikli And the Quentin Grimes.

Jones: I don’t think the two sides are close. I don’t think they were close. We’ll see what happens as the urgency of training camp approaches. The Jazz want what they want, which is the pick of this deal, and they want guys with short contracts or junior contracts. By definition, this means Toppin, Grimes, and Quickley. They are good players, and the Knicks want to protect these guys. The Knicks don’t necessarily want to put their youth down. They want to try to dump some unwanted contracts. Knicks does not want to discharge Derek rose. It has always been my favourite Tom Thibodeau. I know the Knicks want to stick with him and the Grimes. These guys are priorities.

Overcooked: Rose’s contract, in terms of salary, makes more sense if Utah isn’t looking to take on Fournier and Randle. There will be a little tug of war and flattening. From the Knicks point of view, if they were to pass on Toppin, Quickley or Grimes, they would at least value Toppin as a first-round pick, Quickley is somewhere in that range as well, and would make the argument that Grimes is a lot. This would reduce the Utah selection offset project that would theoretically return. Not sure if Utah has an appetite Cam Reddish.

Jones: I don’t think the Jazz have any appetite for Randall. I’m not sure there is much desire to eat Reddish. They set a price for Mitchell, and from their point of view, you meet the price, and they trade it, or you don’t, and they go to boot camp with him. They don’t feel compelled or obligated to trade with Mitchell. They don’t feel the urgency to trade it. They think they have multiple ways to get back to the team they were two years ago. They already have three first-round picks by the end of next season. If they kept all the veterans, they would have $36-40 million in the cover room. While some may be wondering which free agent will go to Utah? Cover space is not related to the free agent going to Utah. The cap space will be used to maneuver the trade market. They are likely to make a trade similar to the one Portland did Straw Grant.

They look at it as if there’s three years left on Mitchell’s contract, so if they’re going to trade it, it’s because someone is making ends meet. I don’t see jazz going down on its prices.

Overcooked: The feeling most people in the league got was that Utah wanted Mitchell more than they got Rudy Gobert. You’re talking about five picks from the first round, maybe six, depending on the protection and what the young players are offering. This is a huge amount.