Another player left and another young player in Washington described him as resigning

Near the start of training camp, Coach Rivera announced that former 2020 fourth-round pick, and wide future-turned-tight end, Antonio Gandy Golden, has decided to retire from the NFL and go back to school. Fans in general seemed supportive of what was probably a difficult decision.

On Friday, Ron Rivera once again announced to the assembled media that a young player had decided to “move from football”. This time, the player was a free agent for the college, Tre Walker, who previously worked at the University of Idaho.

In Walker’s case, coach Rivera didn’t have much to say about the youngster’s future plans, merely saying “It was something he was thinking about and there are a few things he wants to get back into. So, he decided it was time to move on.”

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This is the second player to be dropped from the roster this week. Just two days ago, Ron Rivera announced that another UDFA player, Drew White, had suffered a rupture in the AFC Champions League, ending the junior season before it really started.

Walker’s departure makes the thinnest group on the leaders’ roster thinner, although, in fact, the departure of a long-shot free agent (up to two, counting Wyatt’s injury) might not change much from opening the chance of a spot on the roster to anyone else.

When White was injured, the coaches suddenly decided to give a place in his list to a corner-back – Former NFL and USFL player, De’Vante BausbyHowever, with only 7 players left on the roster, it seems likely that the team will look to boost the position. However, no commitment to do so came from Ron Rivera.

after making Comment in mid-June That the team appointed three veteran players, Rivera has been steadily retracting his comments. He opened the camp by saying that the team would look at the players on the roster before making any decisions to add another midfielder, “We’ll see what we get in the first week before we make any decisions regarding a young veteran.”

Since that time, Rivera has been, if not evasive, at least shy about debating the range of situations. When asked what Trey Walker’s decision to withdraw from group-back football would mean, Rivera only replied that he would urge the coaches to “look at it”.

Reporters note that, in training on Friday, Jamin Davis was not on the field with the first team defense for a few laps. Coach Rivera explained:

This is just kind of the way some defenses are set up. We have two defenses where we have certain elements of which we consider our big group. Other Items We only have one full back at the start. So for the most part, the first person in this matter would be [LB] Cool [Holcomb]. It’s just the group really.

The idea of ​​a defensive alignment with only one full back on the field may help explain the coaching staff’s apparent comfort with the apparent limited depth of the LB position. I think we’ll see a lot of safety and nickel packages, as that suggests the coaching staff should be completely comfortable with David Mayo and who’s right behind him on the depth chart.

Updated depth chart

The team has private practice at FedEx Field scheduled for today (Saturday), so I wouldn’t be shocked to see the team wait until Monday to fill the roster spot that opened due to Walker’s unexpected retirement. Meanwhile, the team has 90 active players under contract.

The numbers that appear next to some players’ names are 2022 Headers per Over the Cap.

Please note that particular situations and color coding are my personal opinions. They don’t necessarily represent the thinking of Washington’s coaches or the front office, nor do they necessarily agree with the fan consensus. This chart is interpretive, and may not reflect the ideas of other Hogs Haven writers. Finally, when it comes to backup players, I don’t put much effort into making sure they’re to the right, left or behind the specific player they’re backing up. I mostly try to fit everyone on the chart efficiently.