5 Oregon Players Who Will Earn More, Lose At Fall Camp 2022

Eugene – Oregon opens fall camp this afternoon and several players have a chance to win or lose innings to open the season.

There are two primary positions open and several points in the two depths will be competitive.

Here are 5 Oregon players who gain or lose the most during fall camp, with a focus on being able to see an exciting move on the depth chart.

Earning: Wide Reception Caleb Chapman

The transfer from Texas A&M has suffered injuries but when he’s healthy, he can pose a major vertical threat. He could challenge for a place at least in the deep and even see the size of the rookie actors if he can meet the potential he showed early in his career.

Earning: Defensive Defenders Trigon Williams, Jalil Tucker, Khamri Terrell

Ducks are weak in high school, especially in the back corner, and the three new kids who arrived over the summer will have a chance to see early playtime. With only six scholarship pillars and nine scholarship safety factors, even if they end up dropping into the depth chart, there is no exception to the rotation.

Gain: Offensive intervention Josh Conerly Jr.

The five-star freshman hasn’t benefited from spring practice, and with five experienced players returning mainly locked in starting innings, there’s a bit of a ceiling. However, Conley can still prove he deserves to be on the deep and get some chances. With the red player’s four-game rule and a FCS game in Week 2, not everything has to be framed about being on the field against Georgia.

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Loss: Edge defenders Jake Shipley and Jaden Navarret

Two third-year players have lost dribbling so far and the competition will make it difficult to break through. Shipley saw the excitement early last season when the Ducks were exhausted by injuries and was too much as a rookie. It went from the end to the inside and the back and it’s hard to see a path to the two depths on the edge. Injuries hampered Navarrete and he entered his freshman year of third season with a stalemate ahead of him and newcomers on the brink of a challenge for the cast as well.

Loss: receiver Josh Delgado

Delgado entered the season in a better position to return to the spin, but the Ducks added four wide teams. The two depths are basically set, at least in terms of names, and freshmen can shoot after the fourth year of the second year.

Loss: Steve Stevens IV Safety

Stevens experienced the most excitement of his career as a rookie last season until he got hurt against Colorado. Even if he moves from one region to another, there is a lot of competition for him to stay in the rotation to the level he was in 2021.

Losing: Running Back Shaun Dollar

You hate for dollars that injuries affected his career as much as they did. When he chose to return to UO rather than transfer, Oregon had two linebackers. Now there are five. Dollars can still be a runner-up, but he could also be a number 4 and the difference in those roles along with entering his year four season in year four is why he’s in this group.